Thats dope.
nice bro
it's about something better :)
; - ) ffiti&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahU KEwj70NqM8ajcAhVMr6QKHZbhBOkQ_AUICigB&bi
banger !
dope dope
As if lol but clean work nontheless...
As if lol but clean work nontheless...
gr8 work
Hahha, No I'm not the real Skare :D
fuck...this is dooooope! seems you are the real skare ; - )
Any tips for more votes??...
ill practice them :P
but that's not a big deal :)
i am not so good at shadows :(
but you, do it good :D
nice bro but I would add shadows there :D
i dont like it :P
why would it?
lol i thinks its shit :P
dope bro
Follows tock
nice one bro!
I guess I knew that :DD thanks
Lol... No fire
little? :D
yeah this must be so trash
Hi nice work
Keep it up
Hey.... I could sent pictures of my stuff.i have an idea comment back what you think...
Nice !
big up!
that is really king shit !
thx man!
ty bro
nice bro
all pieces
Which one
graves can you give me 1-10 for my works ?
nice mate
plus try to keep your letters same width...
Had the same problem bro but u can kinda get used to it atleast for throwies just go on google chrome n put force enable zoom on i [...]
nice bro make a profile :)
u have instagram?
hahaha yes Serbia :D im on the north of Serbia and on serbian it means sever so im sever hahaha :) In city Subotica
:DD Serbia?? lol
who? :DD Where are you from
hahaha i can't draw more now ur turn :D
yep cool this is better you see that you are not bad
oukej you know what? I will try to give myself a job too: D
yeah haha.. but still dont looks so good i can do it better but i must draw for 1 hour at least i like ur colors combination..
thanks <3
Im from Serbia haha :)
wow you see this is a real bomb
so nice bro thank you <3
the only thing I like is that SE
where do u live ?
sorry I am not English: D
I draw normlan but only tags tomorrow i also draw but the throw you are good
idk i draw graffiti in reality and many people told me that my pieces and throws are shitty..
nice bro ;)
why it would be ugly it's just classic ...
this is not bad ..
lol im biggest toy here :P
bro pls go to my profile and look what i drawn (i grawn 2 throws for u) and do u recomend me something ? Sry for bad english
I know who taki183 cool earl and cornbread are dude. I have been studying art since age 8. I am crap because I gotta use my finger [...]
this is a lot of fuck :DD
U need an understanding of the basics before u can add crazy shit to ur pieces...start with simple generic letters and learn about [...]
thank you
google "taki 183"
Please clarify what you mean by foundation as I am a toy
Yea saw it..not too bad keep at it bro...and no i use my phone n turn on force enable zoom on google chrome
If u serious bout wanting to do graff u should master the basics first bro..u need a foundation before adding crazy shit to ur let [...]
This style was inspired to be fixed by gravesone
Thanks for putting my name in this one man! Tell me if ya liked the piece!
Dope .no effort