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draw with this wall


photo by rex
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my pocket be phat, my lawyer be jewish.
sayonara bitchz
Apr 1, 2017 04:35
I hate that I like this so much
Apr 2, 2017 01:25
the name 'NO EFFORT' is based on ephs and me effortlessly drawing graffiti of high quality, as in
'what many people put a lot of work into is no effort for us'
later in (at least my(one can only speak for himself)) period of 'deconstruction' the name became a axiom or a aphorism to the whole process of everything and with that nothing.
It is of upmost importance to destroy what you have built in order to rebuild and advance if only marginally.
my believe is that one can not exist as a creator by acquiring a certain state just to stay at this position and not moving into any direction, not moving is what the dead do.

The No Effort Club is about Improving by deteriorating.

Mar 8, 2018 07:25
Respect .
Mar 8, 2018 07:27
Mar 8, 2018 07:48
Halte die fresse du opfer !!! laber hier kein bullshit von spiritueller scheiße !!! deine mutter musste aufwand betreiben als sie dich nuttenkind gebären musste !!! fick deine fette schwester und laber nicht dumm rum !!!! lächerlich....du spast !!!!
Mar 9, 2018 08:27
^ is this the receipt for rouladen mit käsespätzle ..yo son if you was a kraut.... you'd be sauer..
Mar 9, 2018 08:59
is this the receipt for genetically modified USA pig from a old contaminated medications
farm with BBQ Sauce ???
Mar 9, 2018 09:15
Sheepfucker !!! disabled farmer Boy !!!
Mar 9, 2018 09:16
only for your info: you disabled USA Kids are thinking we all here in europe are krauts....but we in europe dont care any about it....we never heared of this word here....this word only exists in your disabled USA heads in your Long and far away farms somewhere behind Alaska....far away from the one is interessed in to hear something from what is going on in USA.... we shit on you !!! FUCK YOUR COUNTRY !!!! we dont give a shit about your NEWS !!!!! build a wall and stay behind !!!! : - )))))
Mar 9, 2018 09:21
Don't hate ..we have the best everything here, women, life, guys will catch up tho ..dump the E.U boy ..what you know about that AfD boy..suger hating cause he looks like a young Angela Merkel
Mar 9, 2018 09:26
dont hate, we are the USA Kings, we have the best everything here....pigs...cows...homeless...criminals...we love it...we can go out an shoot each others Kids as we want is the USA...dump the the EU all peaolpe live in HARTZ 4....and we know it....AFD Boys love to eat suger, because he Looks like fat old angie
Mar 9, 2018 09:38
Just remember this sugar your pig tongue the word for S.ugar is Z.ucker ..if I exchange the first letters in those words ..I get what you really are Sucker ...
Mar 9, 2018 09:50
uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh : - ) "Sucker"----> you killed me........ i am dead.........

let me ask you, how intelligent you must be to get this word ??? wow !!! i can not belive it.... rellay sucker ??? this is an enpurmos effort to get it !!! respect !!!! i think i thought wrong about you, you gay are really intelligent....perhaps you are not a farmer Boy...but a on a farm working Boy... it is better and more intelligent .... ; - ) #FUCKTHEUSA
Mar 9, 2018 10:07
additional: My Name is not sugAR......sheepfucker
Mar 9, 2018 10:09
additional second: when i have a Name "called sheepfucker" i would not say anything about other names..... :- ) word !!!
Mar 9, 2018 10:10
Yo suger
Why all the hate.
No effs love and respect you as the great person and human being you are.
I'm in frankfurt on may 16th for stockholders meeting of deutsche börse group maybe we can meet after that and hang around.
Mar 9, 2018 01:04
Yo TEXA, i have no Problem with Jayps and you, i think sleep has a Problem with me...
nice ! sure, we can meet in redlight district, it is near the main Station...from there i can Show you nice halls or places to smoke or drink a beer in the sunrise with our beatyful Skyline in the Background : - )
Mar 9, 2018 01:08
by the way i am also aktionär...but i wont visit this Meeting, it is boring..........was there several times in the past and all they tell you there is that they are working very well with your Money. so the Money is working for you from alone you must not care about it....this is how it works when you are have not to care about anything... everything will be payed from alone, there is no Money Problem for nobody.... LONG LIFE HARTZ4....we love it !!! : - )
looking Forward to meet you my friend....we can throw our Money out of the window togehter....perhaps this will be a cool theme for my next wall ; - ) we can also make a session together.... lookin Forward to... best regards from suger with love
Mar 9, 2018 01:35
additional: perhaps we can ask sleepwalker if she will also come to our Meeting....then we can spend her some euros that she can buy a correct Nylon tight for her mother, which she Needs for her working day. good idea ?
Mar 9, 2018 01:42
i also know a lot of Shops where we can buy the is no Problem, i am looking Forward to.... oh i am so afraid, it would be very nice when this will happen : - ) best regards
Mar 9, 2018 01:44
Dude, what's with the hostility Suge? I told you, I love germans. Used to go to school in Kaiserslautern, myself! Kraut isn't an insult these days. It's like calling a white person, Cracker. Or americans,
Potato Eaters. We don't give a fuck lol. Quit being so sensitive, Adolf. Go "Throw some monopoly money out of the window"
Mar 9, 2018 04:36