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as a child me and my friend sven found this clogged up chrome can. and for some reason we thought it would be smart to hammer a nail into the valve. i think i still have some paint somewhere behind my eyeballs.
Sep 3, 2017 10:57
like we thought we would fix it that way. our minds where so pure, we didnt know that kind of thing could happen.
Sep 3, 2017 10:59
texa reminds me of the old days, when i found old rusty spray paints in other peoples garages, and they would barely work. or they wouldnt stop spraying so i would think the can is cursed and leave it and run away, never come back. texa brings back childhood memories. when people where still alive
Sep 3, 2017 11:01
yes we all know the spraycolor in eye situation. A disturbing thing
as a kid. I can feel the pain of acetone on conjunctiva till these days and if I look on a white paper I can see the scars. So kids dont use ultrawide without safety glasses.
Sep 3, 2017 11:16
are you swedish? im from finland
Sep 3, 2017 11:26