draw with this wall


ok ass head I get it more im saying peace you and your life partner win ....I will not talk shit about you or sugar again friends with you guys again ...
Sep 6, 2017 02:38
yo skywalker !!!! i am your father !!!! :DDDDDD
Sep 6, 2017 02:40
and you think you will decide when we will be friends and when not ???? :DDDDDD
you already have friends....texa and fuckbier and the other gays...i think this will be enough :D pls send me a photo from your gangbang Party i will tell your older sister about that, that she will drive by bike to your Party and can assist you gays with toys.
Sep 6, 2017 02:43
Ass head? Lol thats very passed man. That name puts to me when i have my first beef with the no effs. U hurt me buddy ;( im gonna cry hahaha
Sep 6, 2017 02:45
No man be carefull he lives in the bloods territory so he have to start talking like a niggy. Woooaaah, the butterdick gets angry :O
Sep 6, 2017 02:47
no, he will be friends with us again...because his US Friends are sleeping in their beds and can not draw their art at the Moment :DDDDDDD
Sep 6, 2017 02:49
the bloods moved out its a bunch of Cuban crips now talking Cuban now cockroach...... I never fucked anybody over in my life didn’t have it coming to them. You got that? All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break them for no one. Do you understand? That piece of shit up there, I never liked him, I never trusted him. For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed. But that’s history. I’m here, he’s not. Do you wanna go on with me, you say it. You don’t, then you make a move.
Sep 6, 2017 02:51
oh wow :DDDD why so serious now ? :D
Sep 6, 2017 02:54
Lol !
Sep 6, 2017 02:59
I think that was a Scarface quote
Sep 6, 2017 03:30
Popcorn anyone?
Sep 6, 2017 03:31
Sep 6, 2017 03:36
yes, it is a scarface Quote. Angel Fernandez was the one who was sawn with the chainsaw...
cool, skywalker, you are really the most Gangsta in here.
Sep 6, 2017 04:59
Skywalker xD
Sep 6, 2017 08:06
Sugar Asshead and skywalker hahahah
Sep 6, 2017 08:07
best coment hfr hahaha
Sep 7, 2017 03:57