Texa The shady gov knows

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I found the path out off this virtual reality ..I now reflecting on my past ..I see now that it was created by my future ..to get me to this point ..the Mandela effect is my past realities being remembered..I found the group responsible for this alternative reality of in slavement .they feed on the innocent they crave blood they created war and de vision . They use scare tactics ..and fill you with useless information ..they want no more different nationalities ..only one nationality ..they created wars to move refugees into different countries to make new world societies of populations that then will be conformed to do the will of the new state which will be a global state . They will create a global currencies that will be fully electronic .it might even be here already..soon all your transactions will be watched .and in a second you account can be frozen..making it impossible to buy anything... And the unfortunate ones will be lead to special camps for sweat shop labour making goods for the new world citizens .once you can not preform you will be shipped to a new camp near the closest ocean or sea .then you will be loaded on to a long line of train cars with thousands of very small holes in them..you and all the countless others will soon began to move..there will be great confusion and then the trains will be placed under water with you and all the other unfortunate souls ..they train will remain under water for 15 mins ..then it will be removed from the water where groups of camp labours will remove the bodies and place them in large plastic containers / coffiens to be taken to large crematoriums ..with out a single bullet ever being fired .the heat from the large amount of bodies burned will be used as a power source...smaller populations are much easier to control..people used to keep city's running will be spared electric ,water,gas company employees are safe...go now learn a craft a skill something that makes you useful to them..go now before it's to late...for me it's to late I am but a dead man slowly walking to his mass grave to lay next to all of the lime ridden corpses ..looking up to the sky one last time to utter one last prayer to a God I really don't believe exists ...
Sep 14, 2017 11:26
bro you should write books omg
Sep 14, 2017 03:42
bruh. i aint gon read all that
Sep 14, 2017 06:29
yo know this will not happen cos soon ART will be the only working system of the future. Art will replace ideology, democracy, politics and religion. Only ART is boss of this world.
Art is love, peace and happiness for everybody.
Sep 18, 2017 11:11
I have learned that manifest destiny is a real possibility . And through the law of attraction I can therefore create my own will ..I will no longer be one of the sheepeople I will be a wolf ..the beast is alive in us all .
Sep 18, 2017 11:57