Sahod sahod

draw with this wall


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photo by graffiter
really cool!
Mar 10, 2019 05:29
Thank's bro
Mar 10, 2019 10:19
i don't cross out people u clown...i put my name over anyone who went over me first ...when you stop going over me i will stop going over you
Mar 11, 2019 07:59
like i said i go over who went over me..including others that did it to me..and don't talk about outlines and calling people toy..look at your own don't care about this no more, its a public board don't cry over people going over each other...dont cross me i won't go over u
Mar 11, 2019 08:42
never went over piretor others ..only ones i go over are u and karma (both started going over me first) ..i don't draw lines..i will put my name..end it now. dont go over me i don't cover u anymore
Mar 11, 2019 08:57
public board meaning there is limited room with a lot of people..people will go over each other at times..your work can't stay up too long..use private space for bigger and nicer work..and what i meant by crying u sending me messages first..its not a big a deal its only an online board..i don't care about this no more... never went over a name unless they did it first...we end it..Agreed?
Mar 11, 2019 09:30