Coze # cradle battle

draw with this wall


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photo by graffiter
I think this is the best one so far
May 28, 2019 03:43
It's crap.... But ta
May 28, 2019 03:47
i like this "A"
May 28, 2019 04:18
crazy Cozeizm!!
May 28, 2019 04:47
I don't like it sage, it was being glitchy will bust another..
May 28, 2019 04:49
The same happens to me. The outlines are glitchy.
May 28, 2019 04:52
If they could mix this and G.U it'd be pretty much there.
May 28, 2019 04:54
yeah we need to mix with GU ahaah
May 28, 2019 04:56
Yoooo, I dont know what you mean Coze.. This is super clean, and i like the 3D "A" ,could've maybe gone with a different colour, but its sick! Could've maybe used a second outline to make it pop a bit more but that's usually where it gets glitchy for me too lol... I wish the guys from this site could take over GU coz that site is DEAD....
May 28, 2019 05:06
G.U is painful mate....
He puts zero effort into it considering most of us paid for the pleasure..
I wasn't feeling the piece so I kinda gave up halfway through...
I may have another go at it.
May 28, 2019 05:11
Really cool piece!
May 28, 2019 05:48
May 28, 2019 06:44
May 29, 2019 11:09
Agreed with the above...
G.U. is more than dead, no updates and response from the admin. The G.U. app however has a small delay over the pointer so lines get way more smoother. Except for the wide choice of surfaces this app is pretty shit to use... (both old and new version)
May 29, 2019 01:10
@admins of graffiter: I think we are very well willing to help improve this site! I see a lot of graffiti unlimited users switching platform now...
If only you can build in a collab option and line delay that would be more than sweet!
May 29, 2019 01:10
@1GROOVECKSPSY happy to hear it. Collab is on its way, soon want to send it to a few writers for testing. Peace man.
GraffiterAdam [===ADMIN===]
May 29, 2019 01:16
Do you know why they switching gr.unlimited?
GraffiterAdam [===ADMIN===]
May 29, 2019 01:17
This is what I've been waiting to hear... Collabs will make this site so much better, and as groove says the line delay would be really great for clean work... I don't really know what happened to the admins on GU but the last update was in 2018... I personally switched over because I'm tired of doing the same walls over and over again, and they were limited by trying to do the videos of the walls... Also because I see you guys are still active, and this site can still develop and grow...
May 29, 2019 01:35
I been on G.U since 2013 and seen very little improvement Adam the advantage you have here is less limitation and walls and the colour pallet is an exceptional concept something lacking on G.U.
The issue here is 75% are annoying spammers here for beef only but with out input you could have a well oiled machine!!!!
You have to benefit of a lot of experience Adam so use us for it!!
May 29, 2019 03:27
This is Fire Coze, the A looks wicked! Some serious nobs on this site LOL
Jun 2, 2019 01:54
I cant do a non squiggly line for the life of me!
Jun 2, 2019 01:55
Jun 17, 2019 09:08
Jun 17, 2019 09:08

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