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wow 8 likes. well done. this really matches up to the rest of the best
Sep 3, 2019 01:16
Ufff incredible!!
Sep 3, 2019 01:27
This is what happens when you’re a cocky fat girl and a crybaby..(first two comments are from one user)
Sep 3, 2019 02:52
he seems unbalanced maybe hes got multipersonality disorder
Sep 3, 2019 02:54
32 yrs old......
Sep 3, 2019 02:54
32 years of experience
Sep 3, 2019 02:55
clearly its paid off.....
Sep 3, 2019 02:57
@cids definitely
@grimo What’s your age youngster? and why you worried about another grown mans age?
Sep 3, 2019 02:58
goddamn kids get off my lawn
Sep 3, 2019 03:00
grown man on a virtual graffiti website.....really made it in life XD
Sep 3, 2019 03:01
I just started using this site this year.. I have my reasons to be on here, and not out like I used to be. I’ve done my time dude. Get off my nuts already go catch a wall like a real graffiti artist
Sep 3, 2019 03:06
" I’ve done my time dude " your such a fanny
Sep 3, 2019 03:33
what do you gain by being an asshole in some virtual comments? are you attention starved? lonely? depressed? do you get a little bit of a dopamine response that makes you feel nice so you constantly seek it even though the behaviour associated is toxic and harmful like a drug addict?
Sep 3, 2019 03:39
hahaha im just trolling for a laugh you overthink cids XD
Sep 3, 2019 03:49
why waste the effort
Sep 3, 2019 04:03
its funny....piret is pretty rubbish at graffiti. like if i was him i would take up tennis or sumthn
Sep 3, 2019 04:18
Nice TROLLING BRUH by the way can i join your crew? because i am looking for some real shit not some internet bullshit. Like you know. Walls and pannels lmao
Sep 3, 2019 04:20
hahaha oise.......I forgot LOL club is all full. maybe you can create naother club like LMAO club or ROFL club
Sep 3, 2019 04:21
Omg i think @acids and @piret are the same person. When they talk to piret answers acids and when they talk to acids answers piret.
Sep 3, 2019 04:40
piret has way better letters and you said yourself I cant do wildstyles... so maybe this is just defensive projection to try and deflect that you use multiple accounts because your ego is too big for a single one
Sep 3, 2019 04:43
?????? Maybe the admin can trust if I am grim no? And i never said that Bro. You are all the day distorting the information to look others bad. I said that you dont know how to do wildstyles. Not me Bro. And now tell me why you answer something when un not talking to you. I said yo the admin that im not gonna comment nothing more about you. You like beef ah?
Sep 3, 2019 04:48
God dammit, comments all clogged up again... Thanks guys, real constructive discussion you're all having here....
Sep 3, 2019 04:48
This shit of Guy allways have something to say when im not talking with him.
Sep 3, 2019 04:49
I think he cant live without me.
Sep 3, 2019 04:51
Rules of the Know 187 to follow
(1) that at its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature,
(2) that philosophy can be used for spiritual purification,
(3) that the soul can rise to union with the divine,
(4) that certain symbols have a mystical significance, and
(5) that all brothers of the order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy.
Sep 3, 2019 05:58
32 yrs of a toy....
Sep 5, 2019 03:28

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