COLLAB with LupaOner, Quoja, mixmart

draw with this wall (#232, pingpong)

photo by graffiter
Toy move...
Mar 3, 2024 11:11
@groove calm down mate.
Was a logical move in my eyes, as I was clearly trying to get more than 3 people on here, and you took up the bottom. I guessed you were drunk or trying to be funny. But I’d ask you to tag it again if you were considerate of space and others. Just like on live. You’re very courteous. I was surprised to you crowding the bottom.
Mar 3, 2024 11:44
Does that make sense? You should click on image before drawing/tagging. It lets you see who’s invited. And there was more than just you invited. I didn’t think it was done maliciously and I’m not mad. So water under bridge? Don’t you think it’s a cool idea to try and get multiple people on a wall with tags?
I’m sure you understand where I was coming from. Don’t be offended.
Mar 3, 2024 11:47
more of these collabs... i love walls packed with various handstyles
Mar 4, 2024 04:19

When inviting people to collab you should respect other peoples work, wether you like the outcome or not. Erasing/crossing is just not done because of many reasons.
Mar 4, 2024 09:27
I like the idea of these walls, did a lot of them on the G.U. platform. We didn't specify any rules, just bomb with tags and throws and when full, publish... (With normal graff rules in mind of course)
Mar 4, 2024 09:28
If the collab starter wants something specific he puts the "rules" in a comment, so the intentions would be clear...
So I think we misunderstood here, your explanation makes sense.

All good, Peace.
Mar 4, 2024 09:29

You got to have at least 30 works and be registered for at least 30 days to comment.