sayten shoot like steph curry

draw with this wall


this painting of the relatively internet (but not real life) famous 'sayten' (often written as say-10 as a wordplay/variation) appears to have a solid black fill-in and pasta sauce orange outline (thick af like he always does). A girls name, apparently Jessie, she is probably just another one of his tinder girls; a very smart punchline which i dont understand and shout outs to his fellow cult leaders. overall the piece sees shaky, it has shaky wonky lines around it.
the 3 X's stand for the father, the son and the holy spirit (jp3)
apparently this artwork has a 1/1 like/dislike ratio as of the 07.03.2017 21:52 central european time.

no effort boys / bad luck in life club / net
Mar 7, 2017 09:52
the saucy outlines make me cream all over my pasta bruh. The shakiness is all due with lack of effort (praise allah and the no eff gang) These silly string pieces get no love, which I'm ok with but hey still better than 98% of these retarded aborted fetuses on graffiter. Tell the admin to filter out the nonsense, and maybe No Eff Gang will actually effort on this atrocious platform.

the XXXs are indeed correct sir.

p.s I retired fuckboyism and tinder wink
Mar 7, 2017 11:54
I notice, every tyme <3 You're dope
Apr 6, 2017 07:32