draw with this wall


photo by graffiter
So dope know
Can I be the "W"
Oct 3, 2017 06:35
Sweeeet man !
Oct 3, 2017 06:37
hey could you draw me in an erotic pose?
whats your mail? fina shoot you some nudes.
no homo
Oct 3, 2017 07:18
I would love to draw some sensual poses of you homo ..but I'm in the middle of finishing my new calendars ..the cool cats of history..every month I looked for a amazing historical events and I dress my cats up as the heros ..I must admit Mr Meowgi my 6 year old Siamese can be such a Primadonna some times ...he is still mad at me cause the vet said he had to lose weight...but it's hard to not let him have some ice cream here and there .. by far the star of the always.. is Miss. Santa claws 3 and a half year old Birman ..she is going to be Sappho writing away ..but maybe I could start another calendar ..the guys of graffiter would be a intimate look at the other side of the individual the vulnerable side..
Oct 5, 2017 01:16