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i have no friends
Nov 1, 2017 08:40
I know your pain ..I had to put my only friend down last week ..his name was toby he was my Cavalier King Charles lost now
Nov 1, 2017 09:17
im trying to fill the void with meaningless inter web friendships ..cause if people real knew me they would hate me even more
Nov 1, 2017 09:19
same, sorry to hear about your cat
Nov 1, 2017 10:30
i hate both of you
Nov 1, 2017 11:00
Books go jump off a bridge ya dumb toy ass cunt
Nov 2, 2017 12:12
yea, ya dumb toy ass toy cunt hoe ass dumb toy! jump off something very high and hurt your ankles! you toy cunt ass bitch toy.
sleep wanker too eat a taiwanese ladyboys azz toy bitch hoe ass toy asshole cunt bitch nigger nazi toy racist bitch rapist toy!
Nov 2, 2017 06:10
ya fucken polack bitch toy asshole cunt toy bitch asshole toy
Nov 2, 2017 06:11
suck my leeft night suck the leeft side
Nov 2, 2017 06:40
Go read a book fucktard.
Nov 2, 2017 06:53
Jp3 talks shit about a toy then baks him up .lol kids
Nov 2, 2017 07:08
Bitch azz two coupon having azz boi ..ya WNBA watching azz boi showing up to Subway with a ruler azz boi... nigga going to the high school dance wif yo auntie azz boi .. wearing one fruit of the loom sock one Hanes sock azz boi... nigga 26 still ringing door bells for candy azz boi still live at Grandma's house azz boi.. nigga got his chain and his glasses at the Korean store that sells ninja swords azz boi ...nigga ...aye you.the UGLY lookin azz nigga
·yo 'velis false' jeans wearin azz boi.....dont matter where we go cuz i got the DRO lookin azz..lets go on a date lookin azz im broke lets share a plate lookin azz..l put a song on youtube and everybody hated it rebecca black lookin azz...ol' southpark both feet moving at the same damn time lookin azz...l need change for a dime lookin azz....ol' whip you hair back and forth, Not moving yo head.. need to shave yo cat lookin azz...Ol' stank breath chewing on gum blowing azz bubbles lookin azz ...
ol' stripping at the club cant get no love lookin azz
where yall going, can i go too.? HELL NAWW.!! looking azz.....Yo ol' next friday pinky lookin azz..nigga look like a flood victim..
Nov 2, 2017 07:13
Look out know im not talking to u g jp3 been coming at me side was g im not no lil punk g ive been to the pin homeboy i know whats up but on some g shit if some one comes side ways at me its on
Nov 2, 2017 07:17
And to im talking about that toy book
Nov 2, 2017 07:21
Green light that homes ..I bang for commissary and phone time homes ..I put that shit . I ain't no leva either homes ..I don't fuck with these lames ..I'm down for mine ..I ain't trying to come at nobody side ways ...don't try to flex on some pin shit tho ..they know my jacket homes ..I can walk on any cell block...I ain't no shit stick ..yo Dogg I got time to ..
Nov 2, 2017 07:33
i never came at yall side way homeboy i know what respect is and u never came at me so u good g but alot of these foos b talking and they just dont know shit.
Nov 2, 2017 07:37
I see u real g i thought u were talking to me.
Nov 2, 2017 07:45
That's all they do don't know how to act now and days ...they think they on some hood shit Soulja boi azz beefs ..yo books I got respect ..I ain't trying to fuck with this ..this shit is as useless as a drum set at Anne Frank's house...
Nov 2, 2017 07:47
Im not on some hood shit. And i dont wanna be on some hood shit. Medium low class thats me.
Nov 2, 2017 07:52
Yo I ain't talking shit to anyone ..I'm just talking shit ..on my comment boards..yo I like that ovs ..I also like that books ..
My man jp3 is a serial skiller ....don't turn this site to some Katy Perry Taylor Swift blog spot is all I'm saying ..
Get down on some burners
Nov 2, 2017 07:53
They dont know about that closed custody lock down 24-7.
Nov 2, 2017 07:53
s/o tay tay
Nov 2, 2017 07:55
Lol acid ..that's some real shit thing I have read so far.. respect
Nov 2, 2017 07:56
I dont care what any one done im down for mine
Nov 2, 2017 07:58
But thats whats up u been down u good in my book g
Nov 2, 2017 08:00
Respect betr
Nov 2, 2017 08:03
im on that LOC shit, el sleepo knows about it, that nigga used to be my punk in adx. i smoke banana peels.
i suck cock for coke. you guys dont even smoke no crack.
Nov 2, 2017 08:04
Respect .
Nov 2, 2017 08:10
I got the car antenna and Brillo pad right here all we need is a lighter...bling bling playing crack pipes like they flutes...
Nov 2, 2017 08:15