draw with this wall


the livewall has a lag time thats ALRIGHT
but please add a real time list of users using the board

it would prevent so many misunderstandings/ accidents/ troubles/ fights.

you draw in a seemingly empty room and 2 minutes later you realize youve crossed 3 people. would be nice to have a heads up.

maintain your shit.. the other day i red a comment on a other website that said graffiter is
'a dumpsterfire'

nice adverts, i wish not to have adverts around my artwork, else i will charge fees via jewish lawyer


Jul 2, 2018 03:26
I agree with some to be fair I would like to see who is on the live drawing possibly with a live chat box,
And profile collaborations The main thing every one wants. I rated this page from day, so much potential.

Other than that fuck jp3 keep doing what your doing but this soft lad will try take credit for it if you do it. I can see it now. Put the strings down jp3 there ain’t no one at the bottom of them
Jul 2, 2018 06:45
1. FIX THE LAG , for the past 2 weeks this site is laggy live wall and normal walls are laggy and i cant draw as i used to do , its not due to my pc coz i did everything to try to speed up my pc and google chrome and nonething has worked soo fix it . 2. For the live wall , other than no eff said add a new wall for it u can even make a wall specificly for live wall , make undo for live wall PLEASE , and cooldown for the max brush size soo no toys can just fu"k up everyones work. tnx
Jul 2, 2018 06:57
Not experiencing any lag at all?
Jul 2, 2018 07:29
make sure you write my full name and tax id underneath the liveboard, i want 80% of shares in advertisement revenue.
because oh boy, that jew lawyer from new york will give you hell

its my website afterall, its not yours, it belongs to me, put sum respec on ma name
Jul 2, 2018 08:59
no but really tho, do something to fix the misunderstandings, this is mostly used by kids,
they will -understandably get heated and rage
like kids do.

this will result in them coming back or waiting solely to destroy other peoples stuff. (as some sort of revenge -(butters --> professor chaos)

here is a difference between waiting a minute or two after somebody done and scribbling over somebody mid piece.

its unnecessary and puts people off

now it cant really be fixed but it would be SORT OF visible who does it in real time, while there is still a lag.

the loss of anonymity alone would make some people not do it anymore.
Jul 2, 2018 09:07
I gotta say little pricks scribbling rubbish over a nice throw is pretty annoying,
I mean get an etch a sketch ffs and leave this site alone, we don't spend time doing art for it to get shit on by toys.
A proper zoom tool as a radio button would be a better touch as I'm on an Ipad not pc and hard Todo gd detail without zoom feature..
Peace Coze
Jul 2, 2018 10:13
Thx for comm&critics;. Good idea with real time list of users.
Jul 3, 2018 07:46
another problem in my eyes is that people go way too big, cant really get offended if you cover the whole wall with 2 letters lol

thats etiquette tho, nothing you can do about it
Jul 3, 2018 12:03
dont understand all the worries.... this is a live wall for all site members.... do you expect that your Piece will stand there for weeks ???
also there are a lot of toys on the way and they do not give a fuck of who you are or which Status you have or how nice your Piece is...they will cross your hard work Piece within seconds with a toy letter and thats was up... noone of us can Change it, only Thing will be that you have to Login for live wall and everyone can see the names of Loged in useres in live you can find out the toy who is crossing you and can give him some beats in his ass grin
Jul 3, 2018 01:12
At the end of the day its a dick move.. Fact
Jul 3, 2018 03:34
^thats what im saying
Jul 3, 2018 08:56
i just do a piece in the life wall. Up my piece it was a FC. Now is crossed by TOY word. Dont think this is a good way to collab if someone dedicates his time doing that.
Jul 4, 2018 12:22
it all comes down on how people decide to behave.
the overall vibe of this website.
nothing much admin can do about it directly but there would be ways and things to avoid some problems.

on graffiti playdo, for those who still remember it was worse. when you entered a room there was a blank wall whilst for the others who where in the same room earlier they would see everything drawn from the moment they entered.
BUT it had a list of online users which was handy, one could see -ok, somebodys in here, got to be careful.

by clicking on their name, you could just mute them (make their drawing invisible to yourself)
and when somebody was annoying everyone would just mute them and nobody would see what crap that person is doing.

worked quite well, also it was in real time
10~15 years ago...
Jul 4, 2018 10:22
real time drawing is also much more fun and engaging and would keep users on the livewall for longer periods of time, i can almost guarantee

the way it is now it still feels like you are drawing alone in a strange way, with the 'fear' of getting tagged over by a invisible - anonymous being who might or might not be there.
Jul 4, 2018 10:27