vault101 last piece

draw with this wall

Door united

photo by Mr Thinktank
thx bros, it was fun. but now graffiter turned into shit with fools like erose and admins do nothing with it. im get outta here now. respects to: pg, kaspa, rat, disk, dope, ECO OA. piece, bros!
Oct 2, 2012 11:03
Sone, dont giveup. Just ignore haters. They're waiting and happy for any response. We do more than you think to remove offensive graffitis but it's problematic (ie.different usernames) We can't just delete all sketches of erose. This place is for everyone but we want graffiter to be the place for real writers just like you and your original style. We're not happy but we respect your decision. Thanks, and seeya maybe in the future.
Oct 3, 2012 07:52
Keep it tight Sone. It's been real. Big up and keep burning!! Sone, Disk, Rat, Dosp, Eco, PG...REAL WRITERS. Peace
Oct 4, 2012 01:14