Stop graffin too you're SHIIIIIIIIIT!!
Nice bro loving it
lol this looks like a fucking good piece bro!
StOp HaTiNg please
well di looks like shit
dem colors though. dam this shit to hot for me
respect bro :)
He most likely lives at home some nerdy little prick who's best friends a mouse.
Grim you are a clown.
Typical shit a newbie would say striaght from a book. Cock
Yessss bro sik
@fancy nah bro. more like he just 16 y/o virgin xd
He is just tipical cuckold
suddenly it still get more likes and attention than your pathetic shit will ever had (even tru you trying to shittalk just to have [...]
Lets collab on graff unlmtd my nigguh
Artist FvCk
Artist FvCk
wooo.. it made it to the 'best'
You cant even formulate a sentence you fucking mongo!
Legalne wolne od kibolskich graffiti!
<3 fuck ur gf's cunt with team every day
fuck u Amir u cunt
GRIM piece of shit
Ironlak, Monster, Montana gold and black, Dope paint, Illuminarty paint..... to name but a few so fuck off coze
95% on here wouldn't know paint brands #onlinepcbandits
Tf is actual paint? I dnt bleave sum one here has nevr pick up can of spry paint
Lol graff playdo and vandal squad, that’s old school, boo still in net? I used to talk to him and paint with him, actual fucken  [...]
yeah r.i.p bomb the World and also graffiti studio
@noway Most likely you will win but im down.. Whats the word ??
I'm down with this bruh
King of style!!... No effort... No talent no contest... Im the baddest dopest flyest mo fo on this site .. Ill battle anyone cro [...]
Oh and it's Noway... Norway is a country
@jp3...ive missed youre wit..
If you choke a smirf what color does it turn?
@norway -you are a retard and i suggest you shut the fuck up. this is HOT, advanced hands, authentic style.
If this is best of the week... I suggest an eye test!
I must win this battle!!.. Im the best writer here!!
on the crack pipe ma bro ahahah
#noeffort #notalent
Where's the dope sager styles bro
i saw this piece 3 years ago NIGGA
we need more jayps on GU
the truth is here
ahahaah king jayps!
known from sites like graffiti playdo, Vandalsquad graffiti unlimited, bomb the world iscribble and member of the first online gra [...]
jay jay jayps jaypser bruva!
Run the above script... It will delete all the toys on this site lol.... Thanks man
dope as fuck
dope fill
Noice Baer! I love it!
European bubble style bite
It's ironic really that you call yourself from coz we all say that about your work....
At least I have style this is pure bullshit... I been there since day dot you haven't even got good handstyle have you thought abo [...]
Show Custom Dialog ["Do you want to delete all graff ( FoundCount ) & " records found?"] If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1] Delet [...]
that is very cool
I hate this style, generic bullshit, I wipe my arse with that
Admin bring this wall bak
still a fUcking toy tho
K is fuckd up rest is decent
Yo admin bring this wall bak
Need more likes .dope g
Augor bite
Nice style man ;)
I bet hes a racer. i recently wrecked a 91 hatchback on the freeway... Twas a classic.
Chill out Reldo bruv
You props for the comments bro. Your stuff is really clean..
Make it happen captain... I can relate to this tremendously!!
Do my name like this
Damn g this one hawrd
Gallery gross AF!! Mad skills!
Stfu @Rhafikey, go fuck yourself u toy
I love this piece, keep coming back to it. Props for being positive as well Coze.
Quickie trackside one "a:
ouch, whats the hell is that on your fa- nvm, that IS your face
There's a new graf toon one on there just jump in whenever ya like bro. Peace
There's a new graf toon one on there just jump in whenever ya like bro. Peace
Nice bit untidy but potentially pretty sik
Good ole Gargamel. Sik
Ah fuck it I posted it we can do plenty more my man swyne has just got an I pad pro so I'm expecting some v gd shit to come throug [...]
Shouldn't compare bro I think this is ill.. we all have unique qualities and skills. Peace
Kobra , I just copied how the artist drew him, that’s why his hand looks dumb, tanker is a train car that holds liquid
I feel like its missing something. but not sure what bro, haha
wow thx dude!, still have to improve a lot to be near your level tho
And what is tanker