fucking lol "pro" what are you 12?
hes a corny fuck thats what he is, shitty youtube nerd.
i mean yeah, in his defence, pretty much all throw-up letters are recycled, reused and taken from early new york, most people use  [...]
Who even care? Why ?
yo lol3one you'll never get better if you cant even admit that ur biting
is a pro youtuber bomber :D
u cant write the same letter of a very known graff artist and say its urs XDDD bruh
how delusional are u idk
Yo dogpee and nurfs and all people That was here i am sorry for wat i say but i have my own style whit graffiti.
Ok he is a pro and a bomber
Telling people to shut up they are just calling you out on your biting.
hes a bomber not a pro...
Resk 12 is not a toy he is a pro , you are a toy
Shut up!
Yet one Fys crue
thats P! Thanks bro!
mum can we have wek at home? no we already have wek at home. the wek at home:
You are Yourself
ur the biggest waste of graffiter database
Yes i do ! ds/2022/03/weckman-throw-up-white.jpeg?e
no you dont
yo nurfs other ells w is not beautiful is my meaning , i understand you but i do it by myself
the point is to come up with ur own letters, thats what makes you you
hexr bro your shit is litt
Nah this ain't it
Yo do you want to make beter things??!! By lol3one
nice stuff dude
multiple personality
Stay up and dangerous
1 writer did all this?
1 writer did all this?
Okay lol
no nurf i was poler OE back then
vandalsquads site was nice and live option too, also figured out how to do colabs, which I hope will be a function here too. But s [...]
I think I remember you lol, did you do pedro aswell back then?
vandalsquad was the best of them
digital vandal?? lmfao please bro
Yes, vandalsquad, bombtheworld, whiteboards like eatfats, toymunchers,… Been a digital vandal for 15 years or more :)
fuck yeah
maybe it wouldnt be so corny if this was actually cope and not just some little biter kid with no skills
Fuck this shit head
@pedro, any chance you used to do graff on a million years ago?
:) :)
thanks rizlr!
Oke, thank you, good day
even wrote "queens king" lmaoo
even wrote "queens king" lmaoo
hmm where have I seen this before XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
ahahahah thats sad
bro what on earth is this
juu chill its only online at the end of the day not like some guy capped ur infamous highway piece its all just pixels my man
its good
nobodys beefing? :D
Found you slippin
Free your soul
bruh my wifi lmao
oh is that in the livewall?
oh dam
oh dam
thank you JMKK2
@graffitieradam can you please ban grim *(activegxng) he is impersonating skoz
@graffitieradam can you please ban grim *(activegxng)
FYI I’m not the one calling you a toy, that’s grim. (Activegxng)
Somedudepainti is the type of person we want more of on here.
to be clear, if this solves any confusion or dumb e beef i am the one who writes 2 genders only ... idk why yall beefin but i hope [...]
i suspect they're hand picked
self voting?
Clean af
How do they not?
it doesn't necessarily have to be straight, it just needs to make sense and the shapes need to connect with one an other
I’ve been trying to draw more straight… it ain’t easy doing all this with a finger.
Hi, great!! i have a question.. can i also upload new walls? new pics of walls?
Mais gros, c est toi que je voyais sur graffiti général y a quelque temps?
thanks nurfs!
@ActiveGxng wtf do you mean this is literally your new account to do cross shit on livedrawing.. Your accounts are easy to spot..
@nurfs doesn't interest me either
some of the shapes are not connecting, u need to make em straighter and shit, but in general not bad bro