dope style jubelllll
chrome love
so...what s your problem man?
antistyle best style
most hated
@Abso Thanks bro!
big up zombie all day long! glad to see you on here... keep ya head up bro!
Nice 1 fella
this is sick thank you! i'll do one for you aswell
My new hulk piece dope go check me out on my graffiti YouTube channel is hulk king dope one ogcw se gi
dope blocks.. phuck your dick this aint the room 4 that shet
ha if this is shit, consider me the king of graff. hahahahaaaaahaha good one dude
there goes the neighborhood.. BOOOOONNNNG!!
Check my wall my brotha see if you like?
thanks man!
Ik bro
I’ll do ya a little tribute piece when I get 5 ☮️ ✌
Yeah must say Sofe this a clean sharp dub love it!
wie is van nederland of belgie?
thank you!
Workin the angles
well similar bye :D
well similar bye :D
my citys called preston if yo have ever saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite thats where i am, well i gotta go soon nice talkin to ya:- [...]
Also not only in Europe but in fact, in the US, I might not live somewhere with a nice landscape around me and not very big skysc [...]
and my city is called Orlova
hmmm interesting never been there :-D
like an eagle
Czech republic
ummm south korea? idk
do you know where i am from
well you thought right
I thought you were American :D
not at all secondary vocational me and high pff :DD
im in idaho, usa.
otherwise I'm 17
you still in high school?
in a moment 18
how old are you
I dont have sorry
got it, ill write kds
for discord
mine is kds
you got discord?
thx man
no problem
yeah thats good throw
check out livedrawing i just did somthing i think yuoll like it
ah okay
nah i dont really do social media well i quit drawing graffiti for like 2 yrs but ive recently got back into it
your crew?
I thought you were drawing for about a few months, it looks like this :D
do you have instagram? I would like to see your creations on paper
want to write td?
thx man:-D- Ill pay you back!
nice judging that your like 78% better than me
I 9 years
i been taggin for idk maybe 14 yrs and counting since 4th grade i just kinda suck on the online version im used to walls and paper
since 4th grade
I understand how long have you been doing this for?
ijust thought about actual teeth like with the gums and everything and yknow how dogs lift up there teeth when there angry i just  [...]
you are welcome
but I really like that with those teeth, I'd draw it too
oh. well thx anyways!
im bored
thanks Sage! but why?...
thanx Yaem ;-} you the best man. wish i could make better structure and clean lines like you man ;-]
ur welcome kdot. ur piece looks legit
Thnx dude!
nice man
nice man
sick sickkkkk, cleano
lekker mannnn
No, you don't
your faces on your peices are a LOT better.