Nice character dude!
Nice piece!
무슨 뜻인지에 따라
@oise, do u smoke?
Oh. No, I have just seen alot of pieces I like, so that's why I commented on them.
Nice car!
just cause you are commenting all the other ones pieces, like flames did. Not cause this is piece is bad or good or whatever.
Yeah, Acid. I actually really like your graffiti, and idk why this guy is being so rude.
No, I am not flame. And if you are asking because you think this piece isn't good. Then, I know. My other pieces are better.
Nice one
Mmmm are you flame??
Nice one!
Nice throwup,man!
Cool style
Nice, but it would look better if the outline was thinner.
That's actually a cool design
Cool car!
Sorry for the duplicate domment idk what happened
Nice one!
@flame you have the style that i used to have when i was 14 and i was a toy lmao, but if you are happy with it im glad for u (;
thats pretty good but style is a bit boring try the wildstyle
i like this
I done you a sketch @praha hope you like it
So stop acting like a douchebag
@prab no need to get personal you arse whole
im guessing u have emotional problems
@fancy, that rhymes haha. Im guessing you google your style too
as graffiti kingay you wanted to write probably
as a graffiti king i only think its right that i help the less fortunate
haha Tortoise, you are funny
well. still you`re the one calling yourself king WITHOUT ANY style so kid. please. xdd
@grim thanks for the feedback. its really important for me :-)
you are pathetic xD
shit attempt at euro style
@tortoise i believe your style is the most pathetic thing on the internet.
Calling yourself a king is the most pathetic thing on the internet.
It is very clear I am King. you are king of pizza
Thanks kems!
Thanks @kems188!! And thanks @spook. This guy flame is starting to be like a stalker. It looks like my exgrlfriend.
@iwetoddid nope, not in near future, @on1 we've recently start again for collab feature, stay tuned.
Nice one! Btw I am subscribed to your youtube channel. Your graffiti is awesome man!
And yeah, if you're spamming people you should expect to get called out for it.
Well I have looked at some of the things he has said, and he does seem to get mad at people easily, but yeah if somebody just call [...]
Cool fill! It reminds me of the colors in a bubble.
Nice piece
This is an awesome drawing!
Nice one!!
This is really cool!
Thanks g
Yo man its been weeks and ur still going on and on about how acid hurt ur feelings cuz he called u out for spamming and now u blam [...]
Nice one!
Nice throwup!
¡Bonito! ¡Me gusta mucho tu graffiti!
I think both flame's and acid's stuff is nice. Idk why you gotta be fighting.
Nice piece
Cool piece, and I agree Lupa's graff is awesome!
Oh,ok. I don't really know what he's like,I just thought of a cool idea for a piece when I saw his name. But ok,I won't have anyth [...]
@FLAME I'm finna make a piece for you. Cans out bitches
Stop trying to cheer up @AcId! You don't know how many people he has hated. He called everybody a "toy." He started messing around [...]
Gangstas make the world go round!!!
Yeah,I didn't do the fill quite right.
Good 3d effect, but there is somethin wrong with your „m” ;)
@Kems188, don't speak to this fucking retarted lil hater. @AcId is a fucking dick. Trust me, fon't fall in his trick like how I di [...]
Nice piece!
Awesome 3D effect!
CHECK OUT MY GRAFFITI @Kems188. Not this bullcrap.
No, it looks toy @Kems188
Awesome color combo!
Nice straight letter,dude!
Cool piece!
I thought you were going to stop writing that word "PIRET." By the way, that graffiti artist you drew looks like a gangsta.
Nice one
@grim, your not the king. I am.
Nice one!
Nice dude!
Write me on insta ,u have it on my profile discription