sick as fuck
Dope dope
sexy af
You telling me you can't bang out 30 throws in like 30 minutes?
Hmm yes it looks pretty good actually
Nice one bro
Check that sketch I posted @Maek1 and let me know if thats close to what you mean
2 minutes? sheeeeeeeeeeeeit
@Pause, I know what chrome looks like my friend. And i realise that it would be hard to create a realistic look from chrome becaus [...]
Fart and Barf blessed the live wall.
It has a chrome sorta look to it
Check the outline around my cids throw:
In my opinion its not possible to add chrome color into graphic program. I tried to add it in graffiti studio 2.0 some time ago.
@Maek, if you look at any real life chrome piece photos, its not just one grey color all the way through, because it's reflecting [...]
@Disone, hahahahaha what are you talking about man? No one wants to buy eggs....
some highlights could've made this pop more, still pretty nice tho
30 ovos por apenas 10 Reais ovos fresquinhos direto da granja
Im no programer or nothing but adding a grayish colour which is not dull wouldn't be impossible right?
Chora na Gaita
Yeah, chrome is not a color homies... Would be impossible to make chrome look realistic because it reflects the colors around it.. [...]
Chrome would be fresh but wouldn’t it just show up as gray tho? I don’t see how they would be able to add a shine
yeah a good chrome would be sick. dope one btw maek!
@Admin yea that would be awesome
Awesome! I was about to make a painting like that. Maybe later :D
@Admin, add chrome. Thank you
"Baby don't hurt me, no more"
@Ridzer, still reppin bro! @sankone, thanks man....
I'm more of a bong person tbh.... lol
Cool spiderweb outline
I’m in
This is fucking cool
Lol I’m still laughing at this clown
Mad fresh piece g
Lol this is awesome
so clean!
Yeh hot!
Thanks man!
This is fresh
See bullying! Still Love though!
You still trying to fight, but I already told you its all love
@Admin, what are you guys testing here? Made a comment about the zoom feature, , can we get 1 less level of zoom please?Its not ve [...]
5 years old
All Love.
Nah you dont know to argue and you dont know about respect. This quite "keep living the life you want to live" says everything abo [...]
Nah, I'm done with your childish beef and drama. Its all love, keep sketching, keep living the life you want to live. No hate.
Mr funny*
Ok me funny. Grow up
Its all love bro.
Come on you dont know how to argue Bro. You are a kid. I do a peace piece cause i want to be peacefull but im not an angel Bro.Its [...]
Its funny your avatar say "peace" but you're not about peace at all.
Its so simple. You are talking about cities. So different cities. We are on tha same site. Why i cant see another mid or oisee or  [...]
lol who’s mans is this
theres an acid in costa rica, berlin, london, new york, los angeles, and the two cities we're in, all with different styles and di [...]
Can you say something constructive?
I'm no kid
And read what im saying. If you dont understand It you are an hypocrite. Cause you are talking about repping a name and making pie [...]
You are coward and you didnt say nothing at comments. You just start making hate "pieces" against me and with quotes like fuck aci [...]
When do I comment on your pieces, and try and start drama?
And no one says that im out forever kid. So respect others hard work and be yourself and use your own name.
A bully ah. Why did you start writting acids? Eh?? Do you remenber It? You talk about working hard but you are now trying to beat  [...]
Why can't you just co-exist if you're not even active anymore? Whats your problem. If you're better you shouldn't care how many ot [...]
if thats a suggestion section i would love to ask update livedraw! i mean i am probably one of those who spend LOTS of time painti [...]
I have like more than 400 diferent pieces and a lot of Lost pieces at latest.
Fake. Thats cause im out and i cant do It. I have to work i have Friends i have things to do. Sorry my friend if you cant praise m [...]
@AcId You havn't put up a single sketch since the cradle battle, you're fake. I'm here everyday putting in work and repping my nam [...]
Also could you possibly make a roller style brush?
i really like this one
Thanks Acids for your help but every step is already designed. Collabs must be integrated into actual works. There are few feature [...]
Are you working on collabs? I have some ideas that might make it possible seeing as i've already figured it out and gotten banned  [...]
fuckin burner
@maek I was making fun of grim.. ¿¿are you grim too???
Fresh outline, i actually like my own work
didnt do this... not my style
Sick skull cids
Dayummm cids good!
wow......... L
Thanks bruh!
Lol! no isnt
Grim is p70
Thanks g mad cool
Making fun of me? Come back to me when you have a tag up.
@MIDONE this is gross af dude!! Flawless victory!
@oise brother can i brudda your crew with grims panels?? LMAO XD XD XD XD
Boom! Well done my man! Nice piece, i really like the fill, looks good af! Thanks for the yo ;)
This is fucking fresh. Great work
@iwettoddid nice russian my half russian broski brudda. можно я присоединюсь к вашей команде?
I actually love this one. sicko. yo reok kalle!