Good shit , I like your stuff.
Yeeee gracias nenes!
fuck you e boi leave this website you lifeless
@oise @ridz
ебашил бы уже как в реале)
ur dope asf
excelente hermano !
thanks man <3
muy buen estilo, compa
pura cremaaaa , muy bueno bro
Suge, yooo! It s been years!!! How are you, still here? haha ;) 3xx2 : Thxx :)
Atope niñooo
nice1 G
u remind me of a fellow named grim on this site, u two are very similar!
people mad at the non efforts you get what you deserve smoke chinese marble rocks smelling like anglegrinder dust 2026
yo ECO ! GBC OA FCH ;-)
yo Acid! another FAN from you ;-)
Nice try lol.... Make your own style boy.
I agree.
ty bro !
well... i think admin could do something about that no? i mean... Can t he know who is acting like this and ban him? @admin??? no? [...]
Indeedd, some guy idk who...did a straight letter for me, it was kinda...not good...still appreicaite it....then anothe guy came a [...]
bash is the left one
i dont get why you re acting like an asshole... I think you re projecting your hate on the others cause you don t love yourself... [...]
how tf this on best?
admins been bullshitting about a collab feature for like 2 years
why is that on best..? ( no hate :) )
Yooo, tnx homies
gracias homies ☆ ♡ peace :) ✌
@bla and @Abso: Thanks!
@sht yeahh man! luv this... perfect blend of simplicity and smooth tech. Im no critic, far from it im an out n out vandal. But i k [...]
anti 4 life!
I like the fire extinguisher tag.
I know its not the real Tank, i just got inspired to do a throwie for him
Grande crapski
this would be a great time for a collab
buen trabajo, compa
@lcs ok! My user there is "pecor" See ya
@orlova @crep Tks so much, I was days away from making graffiti there .. hahaha
@Crep Thank you brother. It worked for me too. What is your user there?
yeah that's what you mean :D now you know
@Crep got it, bro. I'll try to see if it works. I'm there as LCS too! TKS, man.
@orlova Okay, tks , man.
@orlova Okay, tks , man.
nazi shit on livedrawing wtf.
@Lcs : use the fatest caps with maximum distance... Draw 5 big lines to cover the maximum of the train... Then save it online with [...]
The real thing now is : how to know exactly who they are (because the "WRITERS ONLINE: in past 15 min" thing doesn t seem to be ex [...]
Let's call it a "tribute" ;) :)
Be constructive LUPA ONER.
I don't know that something is going on? original
if you are managing to save there, because I don’t know if it’s something that’s happening only to me or something on the w [...]
Topdogs mtk psy cks
whack ass hooligans
Yea its mad dumb, I've noticed it around the same time every day
looks cool
talking about live drawing wall...
what do you mean?
Hey man! fine? You also use Graffiti unlimited right? Are you managing to save your graffiti over there? Thanks, man.
adminos, start acceptin the authorizations
you know... killing time!
you know... killing time!
i startin to like my new style tbh
fucking beast
Topdogs mtk psy cks
yo crep! How you doing bro?
@admin thank you guys really like this wall... peace!
allready a classic :)
@admin Thanks and welcome back.
Yo björk
Yo björk
Yo björk
..and checkout fresh wall
Hi all after a while, time to clean some stuff, did you behaved well? Looks like you let in here a few nationalists.
this piece doesnt represent me..
looks so cool
:D mor? ty jses snad z olomouce?
björks house. BJOOORGG
Yeet! NoEffs noeffs
dope style homie
fkin clean
thx you now im sick from it