One for the psycho massive
This is dope
clean !
iam back
sry i dont have ig
Thank you
Thank you
Doooope work
what a burner soez!
If you can do this in real life, i'd buy a canvas of it
na na its dope!
lol u mad coz of live drawing ? everyone gets crosed lmao
this is your ain t shittttttttt
this is your ain t shittttttttt
love it!!
any crews? i am bored
give me ur ig bozako
i mean yaem
yo yeam me in ur crew
for lupa
Mad style I like it
Nice style man
Boom... For you son
Hulk is cool guy who has William siyndrome
Yoo opner thanks for the piece bro is dope keep it up your good graffiti work
isso ai! representa o Brasil mano, tamo junto.
don t forget it
yo hulk
damn, thanks alot man, idk who u are, but thanks for all the shit man, its dope
is this for me bro? i like it tho
damn bro, thanjks
It good piece
Just check it for me please
I don't know about this piece tho
aye bro, yes man, if im right
Yo yaem am I still in your crew bro
wassup hulkkk
I want to be in the best a gain please
ur sick man, whats ur ig?
feelin freshhhhhhhhhhh
Yo yaem ami I still in your crew bro
Emily Dobson
Hulk man
a lil man, but still
i willl man :D
Thanks but it came out pixelated and lost a lot of sharpness. It looks fuzzy,
Yaem can you give me a like on my hulk piece please thanks bro
Yo best bro
sick man :)
Can I more likes on my graffiti hulk piece please thanks guys
Hulk king
Hulk king
MoR WATT MDMA olomocko
Yo luik well come welcome to the graffitier game bro
The best hulk Style piece
My bubble hulk piece are getting better every day
graff removal
Dope piece mate
Yoo wick
call me wick hulk oat was my friend's nick =)
Yo wicks
Yo oat thanks for the piece you did for me i like it bro
I am not a pussy i am not scerd of no one
hi acids my friend Jack gave me his own account I didn't know your beefs with each other I'm a chilled man bro =)
write your own name if you're gonna diss people on livewall pussy
Thanks oat
that grim reapers dope
That piece is good sory
New classic hulk bubble piece dope
new pc..biaaach!!
Nice tubs
Mikey mouse cans
Dope demons cans
Dope rose piece
Dope hulk bubble piece a gain
Best demon cans
Best hulk bubble piece
I will do more of dope pieces for you guys
Thanks best bro
Thanks bro
Cum brain give me a like on my hulk piece please thanks bro
Hulk marker tag
Hulk dope piece nicce
Yooooo best bro